Sherwood & Dineen New Winners At Shangri-La II On Crazy George's Concrete Craziness Night; Modified & Street Stock Features Postponed


A pair of drivers scored their first career victories in commanding style Saturday at Shangri-La II Motor Speedway during Crazy George's Concrete Craziness Night at the ASA Member Track. Second generation driver Bryan Sherwood won the Sportsman Modified event, while Jerry Dineen, who has been knocking on the door all year, finally broke the lock to ASA Late Model victory lane.

The Modified and Street Stock features were postponed to a later date. The Street Stock event was halted due to an excess of on-track incidents, while time constraints forced the Modified race to be suspended with five of the scheduled 35 laps complete. Make-up dates for both races will be announced.

With undefeated point leader Tony Hanbury not in attendance due to an injury sustained racing on Friday night, Bryan Sherwood led all the way in the Sportsman feature. Carrying the familiar No. 95 used by his father Lee Sherwood to win five track titles at the original Shangri-La Speedway, Bryan survived late race pressure from defending track champion Rick Zacharias. Jimmy Zacharias, J.R. Kent, and John Markovic completed the top five.

Dineen, who chose to make Shangri-La II his racing home after the closure of Adirondack International Speedway, was rewaded for his long weekly tow and several racing incidents that have set his 2010 program back with his ASA Late Model victory. Chris Zacharias, whose own ASA Late Model efforts have ben plagued with mechanical issues, took second ahead of Dr. Dave Rigan, Travis Fisher, and track champion Jim Lamoreaux.

The Modified race was delayed due to a single car accident in turn 2 involving Rick Zacharias, who was assisted from the car but was alert and talking to safety personnel at the scene. He was transported to a local hospital for observation. When the race is resumed, Jimmy Zacharias will be the leader over John Markovic, Jim Storace, Dean Rypkema, and Scott Conover.

Next weekend, Shangri-La II Motor Speedway presents its Great American Classic two-day show, with Modifieds, Street Stocks, and the Allison Legacy Series North scheduled on Saturday. ASA Late Models, Sportsman Modifieds, RoC-style Super Stocks, and INEX Legends make up the Sunday card. Race time is 5:00 p.m. both days. For more information, visit or call 607-330-2622.


35 Laps

ASA Late Models
30 Laps


Rick  Zacharias, Jim Storace


Jerry Dineen

Line Up:
As of Lap 5 (Suspended due to time constraints)
1. 71 Jimmy Zacharias
2. 95 M John Markovic
3. 47 Jim Storace
4. 24 Dean Rypkema
5. 26 Scott Conover
6. 17 C Chris Whitenight
7. 7 X Wayne Kocher
8. 7 Chris Ostrowski
9. 71 X T-J Zacharias
10. 3 Nick Barzeen
11. 9 X Matt Clemens
12. 99 Chris Zacharias
13. 92 Terry Markovic
14. 1 Rick Zacharias
15. 34 Rusty Smith ( down 3 laps)
16. 91 Tom Shiner (down 3 laps)

1. 11 Jerry Dineen
2. 7 Chris Zacharias
3. 24 Dave Rigan
4. 8 Travis Fisher
5. 37 Jim Lamoreaux
6. 13 Dan Bellinger
7. 20 Scott Nurmi

DNS: Joe Brown

Sportsman Modifieds
25 laps
Street Stocks
20 laps


Jimmy Zacharias, John Markovic

5 Lap “Capture the Flag”
Dash for Cash winner:

Jimmy Zacharias


Young, Alcaro

Race Not Completed
Will be rescheduled at a later date due to excessive racing incidents


1. 95 Bryan Sherwood
2. 23 Rick Zacharias
3. 71 Jimmy Zacharias
4. 16 J.R. Kent
5. 95 M John Markovic
6. 35 Tom Shiner
7. 13 Russ Brown
8. 77 Paul Johnson
9. 9 Donnie Wilson
10. 35 J Justin Shiner
11. 0 Jesse Kent
12. 17 T-J Zacharias