"Choose Your Lane" Restart Rules Begin Three-Week Trial Period in Shangri-La II Modified Division At Great American Classic This Saturday, July 3

cone_modsShangri-La II Motor Speedway celebrates its first birthday along with our nation's birthday by presenting the Great American Classic this Saturday and Sunday, July 3-4, with racing at 5:00 p.m. each day. Saturday's lineup shows the Modifieds racing 35 laps, Street Stocks 20 laps, and the debut of the Allison Legacy Series North over a 15-lap distance. Sunday the ASA Late Models are featured for 30 laps, Sportsman Modifieds for 25 laps, Super Stocks for 20 laps, and the popular INEX Legends for 15 laps.

Saturday's Modified show will be an entirely new program, not a continuation last week's darkness-shortened event. One feature of that race will be carried over, however, the "cone rule" or "choose your lane" restart procedure that proved popular with the fans in its debut. It was so popular, in fact, that the track has decided to implement the rule for a three-week trial period.

The "cone rule" allows each driver to pick their lane for the restart when they reach the cone on the front straight. A driver who is willing to pick the less popular lane can move forward in the lineup, while the drivers who insist on taking the preferred groove wind up paying for the privilege by starting further back.

"Initial reactions were positive in both the grandstands and the pits when we used the new procedure last week, but it didn't get a fair trial due to the circumstances," said track manager Amy Stilson. "After three weeks we should know how the pluses and minuses balance out, and we will make a final decision after everyone has had a chance to use the cone rule," she added. Currently the procedure is only planned for the Modifieds, but it could be implemented elsewhere if it proves successful in the premier division.

Another innovation is part of Sunday's races as the Super Stocks will make their debut using the basic rules of the Race of Champions at Oswego Speedway. The Shangri-La II Motor Speedway Street Stock rules will be opened up so a wider range of cars can complete, but Shangri-La II cars will be eligible to run in their Saturday-night configuration.

The Great American Classic will be a big weekend for the small cars as well, with the Allison Legacy Series North making its debut at the Concrete Castle on Saturday and the INEX Legends returning on Sunday. Both classes use sealed engines of approximately 120 horsepower in scaled-down versions of popular race cars, but the Allison Legacy machines have 3/4 scale 1990's NASCAR Cup style bodies, while the Legends are 5/8 scale replicas of the coupes and coaches that gave birth to short track stock car racing in the 1950's.

Gates open both days at 1:00 p.m. and practice is set for 3:00 p.m., with the first heat at 5:00 p.m. sharp. In addition to all the racing action and the special events set to commemorate the track's first anniversary of operation, fans will be able to inspect the progress of the track lighting system as it nears completion. For more information, call the track at 607-330-2622 or visit shangrila-2.com.