Directions from Watkins Glen to Shangri-La II

If you're coming to the "Night of NASCAR Stars" at the Concrete Castle directly from the Zippo 200 NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Watkins Glen International, here's the shortest and quickest way.

Leave the Glen on County Road 16 east- that's the main road to and from the track. Go straight at the Route 414 light and down the hill into Montour Falls. Getting through Montour is the only tricky part of the trip. Turn right at the bottom of the hill, take the first left by the old courthouse, straight through downtown, left at the light on Route 14 North, right on Route 224 after one block..

There may still be bridge repair on Route 224 on the edge of Momtour Falls. Then it's a clean shot up the hill, through the notorious speed trap of Odessa (if the sign says 30, go 30) and out into the country. If you need gas or goodies, the intersection of Route 13 is the best spot. You've got about 20 miles of scenic country road until you get to Van Etten, where Route 224 becomes Route 34 North. Three miles later in Spencer it becomes Route 96 South. Just keep going straight at both points.

One mile past the stop sign in Spencer, look for Halsey Valley Road on the right- it's just past the golf driving range. Turn right and enjoy another scenic road for a dozen miles, but be careful. It's twisting all the way and in the hamlet of Halsey Valley watch for pedestrians, especially children. At the stop sign in Tioga Center, turn left, go a mile up the hill, and you're at Skyline Drive, the main entrance to Shangri-La II.

The distance track-to-track is 42 miles. Driving time is under an hour.... how much under an hour depends on you. Drive carefully and enjoy the races at both ends of your trip.