Kent Dominates Modifieds Again; J. Zacharias and L. Sharpsteen Move Close to Titles; Dineen and Alcaro also Win at Shangri-La II

JR Kent Modified WinnerThe last time the Modifieds raced at Shangri-La II Motor Speedway, J.R. Kent led all the way in the 61-lap Richie Evans Memorial. Saturday night he picked up where he left off, starting on the pole and leading every circuit of the 35-lap feature. The Horseheads, N.Y. veteran has now paced 96 consecutive laps in the premier division at Shangri-La II.

Kent's teammate Jimmy Zacharias ran a close second but could never mount a serious challenge. No team orders were in play, however, as Zacharias is locked in a tight battle for the track championship while Kent is not a factor in the point race. Jim Storace kept that point race sizzling hot by taking third ahead of 2009 champion John Markovic and Daren Scherer, who came from 11th at the start. T.J. Zacharias, title challenger Dean Rypkema, Scott Conover, Wayne Kocher, and Chris Ostrowsky completed the top ten.

The front straight was action central as Conover and Rypkema were both squeezed to the inside on restarts but escaped their wild rides across the apron with little or no damage. Not so fortunate was opening day feature winner Brian Defebo, who appeared to have something let go in the right front and tagged the outer wall at the flagstand with heavy damage but no injury.

Jimmy Zacharias Sports Mod WinnerJimmy Zacharias and J.R. Kent swapped finishing spots in the Sportsman main event, with Zacharias winning his third in a row and virtually locking up the title in that division. He had to work for it though, passing Kent on the outside for the lead coming to the halfway sign before pulling away. Paul Johnson, who returned to the cockpit at midseason after his father drove the early races, finished a solid third and veteran Tom Shiner had another strong run to fourth, while John Wilber was fifth after running in the top three until the final restart.

Also bringing a championship within reach was Lee Sharpsteen, who advanced from fifth to the lead on the first lap of the Street Stock feature. He dismissed a challenge from Billy Coyle on a late restart to win his fourth of the season ahead of Coyle, invader Jeff Goodwin, Gil Sharpsteen, and Jim Potrzebowski.

9-4_dineenThe ASA Late Model picture changed dramatically when point leader Scott Nurmi pitted on the pace lap with engine trouble. Jerry Dineen then led all the way over defending champion Jim Lamoreaux, who was forced to run his '09 title winning car when his new mount blew its motor. Travis Fisher jumped back into title contention by taking third ahead of Matt Barndt and Joe Burns.

The INEX Legends again provided some of the tightest racing of the night as Mike Alcaro squeezed out his third win over fellow New Jerseyite Mark Tischler. Richie Vanderpool was third while Tony Hanbury, making his first Shangri-La II start since returning from a back injury sustained at another track, was fourth. Daren Scherer took fifth.


Labor Day Under Fire

35 Laps

Sportsmen Modifieds
25 Laps

Kent, Conover

Lap Leader:
Kent 1-35

J. Zacharias, Wilber

Lap Leader:
C. Zacharias 1-4, Kent 5-12
J. Zacharias 13-25

Feature: Feature:
1. 16 J.R. Kent
2. 71 Jimmy Zacharias
3. 74 Jim Storace
4. 95 John Markovic
5. 3 Daren Scherer
6. 71x T.J. Zacharias
7. 24 Dean Rypkema
8. 26. Scott Conover
9. 7x Wayne Kocher
10. 7 Chris Ostrowsky
11. 9x Matt Clemens
12. 56 Rick Coyle
13. 53 Brian Defebo
14. 31 Nick Barzee
15. 06 J.R. Swansbrough
DNS - Ken Canestrsti, Andy Walko

1. 71 Jimmy Zacharias
2. 16 J.R. Kent
3. 77 Paul Johnson
4. 33 Tom Shiner
5. 4 John Wilber
6. 95 Bryan Sherwood
7. 23 T.J. Zacharias
8. 17 Jesse Kent
9. 99 Chris Zacharias
10. 50 Chris Comstock
11. 95m John Markovic
12. 0 Jody Buckley
13. 9 Don Wilson
14. 35j Justin Shiner
15. 71x Dave Jackson

ASA Late Models
30 laps
Street Stocks
20 laps

Lamoreaux, Dineen

Lap Leader:
Dineen 1-30

G. Sharpsteen, L. Sharpsteen

Lap Leader:
L. Sharpsteen 1-20

1. 11 Jerry Dineen
2. 37 Jim Lamoreaux
3. 8 Travis Fisher
4. 55 Matt Barndt
5. 53 Joe Burns
6. 13 Dan Bellinger
DNS - Scott Nurmi, Chris Zacharias
Georg Swansbrough, Bill Catania

1. 8 Lee Sharpsteen
2. 94 Billy Coyle
3. 05 Jeff Goodwin
4. 110 Gil Sharpsteen
5. 11 Jim Potrzebowski
6. 27 Dylan Terry
7. ,4 Zach Truesdail
8. 32 Cricket Clonch
9. 78 Terry Ostrander
10. 3 Charlie Sharpsteen
11. 22 Chris Daugherty
12. 61 Chris Zacharias
13. 72 Terry Potrzebowski
14. 5 Charlie Lohmeyer
15. 07 Tom Cundy
16. 71 T.J. Zacahrias
DNS - Scott Reagan

INEX Legends


Tischler, Alcaro

1.  3  Matt  Janish
2.  5  Paul  Lotier
3.  10 X  Gabriel  Richer
4.  2  D. J. Macri
5.  28  Yennick  Poirer
6.  66  Kyle  Hieber
7.  11  Katie  McCardie
8.  54  Daniel  Nadeau
9.  9  Jeff  Gallup
10. 15  Brittany  Wixon
11. 53  Jean-Nicolas  Gareau
12. 10  Mario  Page
13. 1  Doug  Rose
14. 12  Tyler  Potts
15. 46  Kenny  Johnson
16. 14  Scott  Monroe
17. 56  Gary  Hieber, Jr.
1. 8 Mike Alcaro
2. 0 Mark Tischler
3. 17 Richie Vanderpool
4. 29 Tony Hanbury
5. 3 Daren Svherer
6. 77 Justin Petcosky
7. 89 Jason Urso
8. 7 Jimmy Zachariads
9. 81 A.J. Grffin
10. 34 Corey Mosher
11. 1 Beth Scherer
12. 88 Brian Terrell
13. 76 John Bacon