Day 1 of the 3rd Annual Fall Brawl Completed!

Day 1 of the 3rd Annual Fall Brawl at Shangri-la II Motor Speedway consisted of 162 feature laps, 2 caution-free races, and just 6 cautions in the other 2 features. Mother Nature even behaved, giving the fans perfect weather for the September special. Feature winners included Wilbur Hebing (Modifieds), Travis Fisher (Late Models), Andre Roggie (4 Cylinders, FWD), Scott Shafer (4 Cylinders, RWD), and Mike Alcaro (Legends).

Modifieds returned to the Concrete Castle and fans left having seen a great race capped off with an emotional victory lane speech. For Wilbur Hebing, the win was more about his car owner than himself. Hebing and Daren Scherer won the 2 heat races but TJ Potrzebowski drew the pole position for the 75-lap feature. Scherer, who started 2nd, led the way early with Jimmy Zacharias running right behind him. Kyle Ebersole held 3rd and Hebing got around Potrzebowski for 4th. The first caution came 18 laps in when Andy Walko and Potrzebowski got together in turn 2. Zacharias, lined up outside Scherer, got the better of him on the restart and took over the top spot. Five laps later both Ken Canestrari and Jody Buckley hit the turn 1 foam and were done for the night. Scherer pitted for service, giving up 2nd place. Hebing made a nice move to the inside of Ebersole on the restart and took over 2nd. Zacharias' good run went bad when he broke in turn 1 and spun in turn 2. That gave the lead to Hebing, who had to survive 3 restarts with Ebersole lined up beside him. He did, and he cruised to the win. "This one is for Ed McGuire. I've spent time at his place in Rome, PA and I've seen the devastation he and other people in that whole area suffered from the flooding," he said in victory lane. "We needed a little luck lately, but this win is more about what Ed needed." Ebersole finished 2nd, followed closely by Walko, Rusty Smith, and Scherer.

Former ASA Late Model track champion, Travis Fisher, proved the stars were aligned in his favor Saturday night, when he seemingly could do no wrong. Winner of heat #1, he drew first and drew the pole position for the 50-lap feature. At the drop of the green Fisher and this year's champ, Joe Brown, led the way and left behind a battle for 3rd. And what a battle it was. The race was caution-free for the first 44 laps, during which Scott Nurmi, Jim Lamoreaux, Scott Wylie, Matt Barndt and Nathan Russell were often nose-to-tail in a hotly contested tussle for positions 3 through 7. The only caution came when heat #2 winner, Barndt, spun in turn 3 while trying to dive underneath Lamoreaux in turn 3. Over the final 6 laps Nurmi stayed with the leaders but no one could top Fisher's performance in this one. He picked up the win, followed closely by Brown, Nurmi, Lamoreaux and Russell. Fisher thanked his crew, which helped him also pick up a post-season win the week prior.

The 4 Cylinder division included both front- and rear-wheel drive machines. Andre Roggie and Scott Shafer won both their heat races, and their 1-2 finishes in the caution-free 25-lap feature earned both drivers first place trophies. Gene Purvis led the first lap before losing the lead to Shafer. Roggie, who had drawn the 7th starting spot, and Tim Dunn were charging toward the front. On the 15th lap Roggie got inside Shafer's #67 as they entered turn 1 and he completed the pass on the back stretch. From then on, he checked out and left everyone else way behind. Roggie got the win over Shafer, Dunn, Purvis and Joe Lane, Jr. "I have to thank Scott Shafer for this one," Roggie told the crowd. "I came here alone and they helped me a lot." For his part, Shafer thanked the same bunch and said he likes to refer to himself as the "first FWD across the finish line". Kevin Bertolone won the other heat race.

Mike Alcaro also swept the action in the Legends division. He held back at first then charged around Alexandria Smith, Jody Buckley and early leader John Bacon. The 12-lap feature was also caution-free. "I wish we had a better field of cars, but a win is a win and I'll take them any way we can get them," he said from victory lane.


Modifieds: (75 Laps) WILBUR HEBING, Kyle Ebersole, Andy Walko, Rusty Smith, Daren Scherer, Matt Kurzejewski, TJ Potrzebowski, Dean Rypkema, Zack Curren, Jimmy Zacharias, Andy Jankowiak, Ken Canestrari, Jody Buckley, Randy Richard, Matt Clemens, Mike Odwazny, Brian DeFebo (DNS), John Markovic (DNS)

Late Models: (50 Laps) TRAVIS FISHER, Joe Brown, Scott Nurmi, Jim Lamoreaux, Nathan Russell, Matt Barndt, Scott Wylie, Brad Smales, Brent Matzel, Dave Schneider, JR Swansborough (DNS), Norman Brown (DNS)

4 Cylinders: (25 Laps) ANDRE ROGGIE (FWD), SCOTT SHAFER (RWD), Tim Dunn, Gene Purvis, Joe Lane, Jr., Brandon Ameigh, Steven Rogers, Frank Morich, Kevin Bertolone, Gregg Turner, Jeremiah Clonch, Chris Conrad, Kurtis Benjamin, Klem Underwood, Jason Colwell, Andy Brigham, Dayton Cote, Anthony Lane (DNS), Tony Gullo (DNS), Jeremy Williams (DNS)

Legends: (12 Laps) MIKE ALCARO, John Bacon, Jody Buckley, Alexandria Smith