August 25 - Rubbin' Is Racing Night

Wilber Goodwin Morich Claim SL2 Titles


Tioga Center, NY - Jimmy Zacharias was the winner of the Sportsman feature, but John Wilber collected the track championship in the Sportsman division. Frank Morich only needed to get his car on track, which he did to take home the Pudgies Pizza Four Cylinder Stocks title. The hotly contested Street Stock title came down to a wild feature which was won by Chris Zacharias and which Jeff Goodwin claimed the divisional championship. Jimmy Zacharias completed his night's sweep of collecting hardware as he was the winner in the Modified division as Shangri-La II Motorspeedway, the ASA Member Track in Tioga Center, New York.

The Modifieds made their fifth appearance of the season at "The Concrete Castle" on Saturday night. The twenty five lap feature saw Brian DeFebo take the early race lead, a lead he would hold on to for the first seven laps, enduring constant pressure from Andy Walko. Walko, from Flemington, NJ, set up DeFebo coming off turn four, diving low, and crossed the stripe even with DeFebo. Walko completed the pass in turn two. Jimmy Zacharias moved through the field bypassing Dean Rypkema and Jim Storace. Zacharias had to work to get by Storace, and made his pass down low in turn two at the half way mark of the event. Zacharias then proceeded to pass DeFebo, who began falling back from the leader, Walko. The first of two cautions came out on lap eighteen when T.J. Zacharias came to a stop in turn two. On the restart, Jimmy Zacharias got around Walko on the outside entering turn three for the lead. A final caution flew on lap twenty four when Walko spun in turn two. Zacharias would hold on to the lead on the restart and go on to the win by a car length over Jim Storace. Rypkema was third, Walko rebounded to finish fourth and DeFebo completed the top five.

Frank Morich used consistency all season long to claim the title in the Pudgies Pizza Four Cylinder Stocks. The first year division saw several new competitors over the last three weeks. The newest competitor, Kyle Ferris, made his debut on Saturday night. Ferris, a cousin to Jimmy Zacharias, competed in his first ever feature on the concrete high banks, stayed out of trouble and brought the car home in one piece. Clayton Weaver, in just his second start at the facility, dominated the twelve lap feature collecting his first win. Morich was second, Dayton Cote was competitive and battled with Morich for the majority of the race, even though he was unsure if the car would make one lap, finishing third and Ferris was fourth.

John Wilber and Tony Hanbury entered the twenty five lap Sportsman feature separated by twenty six points. Zach Curren took the early race lead from his front row starting spot. The first of two cautions came out when Tyler Rypkema, who was running second, spun quickly in turn one, finding the foam blocks. Curren held the lead on the restart, but was passed by Tony Hanbury. Hanbury's pass opened the lane for Jimmy Zacharias to follow Hanbury through for second spot sending Curren back to third. Hanbury and Zacharias, veterans of many battles together on track, put on a driving exhibition with Zacharias trying every trick in the book to get by Hanbury, Zacharias was finally able to make his outside pass maneuver stick , getting by Hanbury on the outside of turn three on lap eleven. Zacharias would move out to a half second advantage. Curren then took over the challenges to Hanbury and would be joined by Wilber and T.J. Zacharias in a four car challenge for positions. Caution flew for the second time on lap twenty one when Tyler Rypkema and Bob Mosher tangled and spun at the start finish line. Both cars would retire for the night. Wilber got by Curren for third on the restart and would challenge Hanbury in the closing laps. Zacharias claimed his twentieth Sportsman feature win at the track, and his eighth this season. Hanbury finished second with Wilber coming across the line in third. Curren was fourth and T.J. Zacharias completed the top five. John Wilber had one win, eight runner-up finishes and only one DNF enroute to his first track championship.

The final points event of the season had evolved into one of the tightest points battles in track history. Entering the night, the top three were separated by just six points. Given the fact that Shangri-La II pays points for heats as well as features, tensions were high. Following the heats, Gil Sharpsteen held on to the points lead by three points. Lee Sharpsteen and Jeff Goodwin were tied for second place in the points. Give and take on the track rapidly went by the wayside into a perceived sense of urgency. None of the title hopefuls were going to leave anything on the table. Bob Ripley and J.R.Swansborough led the field to the green flag. Goodwin started fifth, Gil Sharpsteen started seventh and Lee Sharpsteen started eighth. By lap four, Goodwin had taken the lead from Bob Ripley by the fourth lap, bringing Gil and Lee along with him into the top three. The first of many cautions flew on lap seven when Ripley and Swansborough had contact in turn two, causing Swansborough to spin out. Goodwin continued to lead on the restart, and held off the challenges from the Sharpsteen brothers until caution flew again on lap eleven when Brad Knapp and Guy Somers got together in turn three. The caution came out again as the field was coming to the green flag as Gil Sharpsteen's right front tire was going down. Caution flew again on lap eleven when Goodwin and Lee Sharpsteen had door to door contact in turn four. Lee spun out with his potent ride and came to a rest near the turn four flagger. With Lee going to the rear of the field for bringing out the caution, Chris Zacharias, who started fourteenth, was poised to challenge Goodwin for the top spot. The pair ran wheel to wheel for two laps until Zacharias took over the lead at halfway. Another caution flew on lap sixteen as the right front wheel came off of the Swansborough number one. In those five laps, Lee Sharpsteen had restarted fourteenth, and had made his way up to third. The remainder of the feature saw rough driving play a factor in Lee Sharpsteen getting into Goodwin sending both cars into the outside foam in turn four. Goodwin was able to pull away, replace a tire and return to the event. Lee was finished after being parked for rough driving. Cautions continued to hamper progress to the lap twenty five mark. Charlie Sharpsteen and Chris Zacharias had some incidental contact on the homestretch on lap twenty one, but Charlie turned into Zacharias entering turn three, sending Charlie's car hard into the outside wall. Zacharias held the lead while Charlie walked away. The field was informed by race control that the race would end on the next caution of the checkered flag. The race came to a close as caution flew once again on lap twenty three. Chris Zacharias collected his second win in 2012. Bill Frisbee had his best finish of the season, finishing second. Goodwin held on to finish third, and claim the 2012 Street Stock Championship. Jake Snell and Hank Buchanan completed the top five.

Up Next at Shangri-La II is the fourth annual Fall Brawl on Saturday, September 22nd and Sunday, September 23rd. The two day show will feature Sportsman, Street Stocks and Legends Cars on Saturday, September 22nd with a 6:00 pm green flag. The Race of Champions Pavement Modifieds will have their 100 lap season finale on Sunday, September 23rd. The RoC Modifieds will be joined by the Late Models and Pudgies Pizza Four Cylinder Stocks. Race time on Sunday September 23rd will be 3:00 pm. Kids under fifteen are admitted free. There is always plenty of free camping. Special ticket pricing details will be available on the track website.

By Tom Cummings

Feature Finishes:

Modified Finish (25 Laps):
1) Jimmy Zacharias, 2) Jim Storace, 3) Dean Rypkema, 4) Andy Walko, 5) Brian DeFebo, 6). T.J. Zacharias, 7) Tom Zacharias, 8) Ken Canestrari, 9) Bob Wilson
Heat Winners: Brian DeFebo, Jimmy Zacharias

Sportsman Finish (25 Laps):
1) Jimmy Zacharias, 2) Tony Hanbury, 3) John Wilber, 4) Zack Curren, 5) T.J. Zacharias, 6) Tom Shiner, 7) Jerry Dineen, 8) Ron Babula, 9) Mikayla Rypkema, 10) Mike Odwazny, 11) Tyler Rypkema, 12) Bob Mosher, 13) Matt Clemens DNS: Curtis Cowles
Heat Winners: Tony Hanbury, Jimmy Zacharias

2012 Sportsman Champion: John Wilber

Street Stock Finish (23 of 25 Laps):
1) Chris Zacharias, 2) Bill Frisbee, Jr., 3) Jeff Goodwin, 4) Jake Snell, 5) Hank Buchanan, 6) J.R. Swansborough, 7) Mike Nickels, 8) Joe Snell, 9) Charlie Sharpsteen, 10) Jason Duke, Sr., 11) Gil Sharpsteen, 12) Gary Noe, 13) Guy Somers, 14) Dusty Snell, 15) Brad Knapp, 16) Bob Ripley DQ: Lee Sharpsteen
Heat Winners: J.R. Swansborough, Dusty Snell

2012 Street Stock Champion: Jeff Goodwin

Pudgies Goodtime Pizza, Pasta and Subs 4 Cylinders (12 Laps):
1) Clayton Weaver, 2) Frank Morich, 3) Dayton Cote, 4) Kyle Ferris
Heat Winner: Clayton Weaver

2012 Pudgies Pizza Four Cylinder Stock Champion: Frank Morich

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