6.0 Drive Train

  1. No carbon fiber or titanium products allowed without Speedway approval.

6.1 Engine Location & Mounting

  1. Engine must be centered in frame as measured from center to center of lower ball joints within 2” (inches).
  2. Engine must be mounted to maintain a minimum clearance of 2” (inches) from the bottom of the oil pan to the ground.
  3. Engine must be mounted in a normal upright position, whereby the cylinder vertical centerline of a 90degree engine shall be a 45-degree angle to a vertical line projected from the ground plane.
  4. Engines must be securely bolted. Engine mounts must be reinforced and must be acceptable to Shangri-La II Speedway Tech Officials.

6.2 Track Bar

  1. Only one (1) Track bar (Pan-Hard or J-Bar) is allowed. Adjusting devices will not be permitted on the interior of the car within the drivers reach.
  2. Any car with an adjustable track bar (Pan-Hard or J-Bar) device inside the interior of the car must have the extension device in a vertical position and mounted as straight up as practical.

6.3 Headers, Mufflers and Exhaust

  1. Shangri-La II Speedway Officials reserve the right to reject improperly mounted exhaust systems
  2. Mufflers must be removable for inspection.
  3. Cars not adhering to this rule or excessively loud cars may not be allowed to compete.
  4. Maximum allowable noise decibel to be 95db (decibels) check from center of track.
  5. Muffler falling off car may result in immediate disqualification.

6.4 Steering Components

  1. All cars must be equipped with a magnetic steel steering shaft.
  2. The use of universal joints in steering shaft must be approved by the Shangri-La II Speedway Tech Officials.

5.0 Radiator

  1. Radiator must appear and work like an OEM radiator and must be centered in front of the engine.
  2. Overflow pipe may be relocated and a minimum one (1) gallon overflow can is required.
  3. Radiator dust screens are permitted.
  4. Radiator must be copper, brass or aluminum.
  5. Radiator installation must be acceptable to Shangri-La II Speedway Tech Officials.

5.1 Fan Shroud & Ducts

  1. When ducting air from the nose housing to the radiator, air directional shields are permitted within the duct.

5.2 Cooling & Liquids

  1. Absolutely no anti-freeze liquid allowed, water only.
  2. Products such as Liquid Cool and Water Wetter are allowed.
  3. Icing, Freon type chemicals or refrigerants may not be used in or near the engine compartment.

5.3 Water Pump

  1. Only OEM type steel or aluminum mechanical water pump in stock location, turning in the same direction as the crankshaft rotation are permitted.
  2. Water pump impellers may be altered but coolant flow must be in the same direction as the production engine.

4.8 Fuel Pumps

  1. Mechanical fuel pumps only, no electric fuel pumps are allowed.

4.9 Fuel Lines

  1. Either (or both) right or left side pickup in fuel cell may be used as approved by Shangri-La II Speedway Tech Officials.
  2. ONLY one (1) fuel line permitted from fuel cell to fuel pump.
  3. All fuel lines are subject to Shangri-La II Speedway Tech Officials approval.
  4. Track approved check valve mounted at the line outlet on the fuel cell is recommended.
  5. Additional lines or extra length may not be used on the fuel system, Extra fuel lines or fuel cells, concealed or otherwise are prohibited.

4.0 Ignition

  1. All ignition systems must be acceptable to Shangri-La II Tech Officials.
  2. HEI, MSD, or Magneto allowed. MSD box must be mounted to driver’s right and in plain view.
  3. Ignition amplifier boxes and RPM limiters that are analog only which do not contain programmable, computerized, or memory circuits will be permitted.
  4. No adjustable timing controls permitted.
  5. No ignition delay devices permitted.
  6. Ignition system equipment or wiring may not be located in the driver’s side door area. All ignition system equipment must be mounted to the driver’s right.
  7. RPM limiting devices must be approved by the Shangri-La II Tech Officials and be attached and wired to the ignition amplifier boxes in a visible manner.
  8. Positive wire from ignition box to distributor or crank trigger must be an unspliced, continuous wire with no insulation breaks, plugs, or any other introduction point for traction control devices.
  9. Ignition system must not contain any open wire or terminals. Unused ignition amplifier box wires must be cut flush to the box. Unused rev limiting chip sockets must be permanently sealed shut.

4.1 Distributor

  1. The distributor must mount in the stock location and maintain the same rotation and firing order as factory produced engine for the make and model of engine being used.
  2. Crank trigger ignition systems will be permitted.
  3. If a crank trigger ignition system is being used, triggering devices or pick ups will not be permitted inside of the distributor housing.
  4. Magneto systems will be permitted.

4.2 Spark Plugs

  1. Any make or brand of spark plugs may be used.

4.3 Alternator

  1. The alternator system when used must be working within specifications.

4.4 Starter

  1. The self starter must be in working order.
  2. Gear reduction starters acceptable to Shangri-La II Tech Officials will be permitted.
  3. After a race is underway, cars may be started by hand pushing in the pit area only, but under no circumstances is any car permitted to be pushed onto the race track from pit area.

4.5 Battery

  1. The battery must be located between the frame rails.
  2. The battery must be located under the hood or floor of the car. If located under the floor the battery must be completely encased. If located under the hood-must have an acceptable cover.
  3. The battery must not be forward of the radiator or behind the rear end.
  4. Battery location must be acceptable to Shangri-La II Speedway Officials.
  5. No battery may be forward of the radiator or rear of the rear end housing of the car.

4.6 Electrical Switch Locations

  1. All electrical switches must be located on the dash panel within the driver’s reach.

4.7 Accessories

  1. Cars will not be permitted to carry on board computers, micro-controllers, processors, recording devices, electronic memory chips or digital readout gauges during competition. Radios must be of two-way voice communication type only, independent of the car’s electrical system.

The aluminum head engine section provides the specific changes applicable to utilizing an aluminum headed engine in competition. For all rules not detailed in this section refer to the remainder of this rulebook or the guidelines set forth in either the NASCAR WHELEN MODIFIED Rulebook or the RACE OF CHAMPIONS MODIFIED Rulebook.

3.0 Engine Requirements
Only "small block" cast iron V8 engines with a minimum displacement of 350 cubic inch will be allowed for
competition. Engine block must match manufacture of engine.

Note: The track reserves the right to inspect any engine for adherence to these rules at anytime, engines may be whistled and P&G tested at random.

3.1 Engine Blocks

  1. No aluminum engine blocks allowed.
  2. No aftermarket blocks.
  3. Engine displacement may be increased by boring. Formula for determining cubic inch displacement: Bore x Bore x .7854 x Stroke equals cubic inch displacement of each cylinder. The cubic inch displacement of each cylinder added together will determine the total cubic inch displacement of the engine.
  4. Minimum displacement is 350 cubic inches and maximum displacement is 370 cubic inches.

3.2 Cylinder Heads

  1. The following 23 degree heads are approved for competition:
    Air Flow Research AFR 215 All Pro AP 227 Brodix 3941075 Chevrolet GM PN# 10051101
    Pontiac GM PN# 10033867
  2. All cars with these cylinder heads must weigh 2575 lbs. and have a maximum of 56% left side weight.
  3. Other 23 degree cylinder heads may be approved by Shangri-La II Track Management but must be submitted for inspection prior to being allowed for competition.
  4. The following OEM non - 23 degree heads are approved for competition:
    General Motors:
    GM Casting Number 10134363
    Ford Casting Number E3ZM6049C3
    Dodge W8 Casting Number P4532933
    Dodge W8 Casting Number P4510019
  5. All cars with these cylinder heads must weigh 2600 lbs. and have a maximum of 55% left side weight.
  6. Porting and polishing by the removal or grinding of the original casting in runners is permitted.
  7. No Epoxy fillers, welding spray welding or any other coating or materials on or in heads.
  8. No acid porting, dipping or etching of any kind, violation of this rule will in disqualification and loss of all winnings for that event. The team will also be stripped of all season points and may be banned from competition at the discretion of Shangri-La II Speedway Management.
  9. The maximum compression limit allowed shall be 12.0 to 1 on any cylinder.
  10. When calculating the compression ratio, an allowance of one (1) cubic centimeter will be added to the volume for the area around the top of the piston down to the top of the piston ring that will be sealed with grease. * The procedure for checking compression is as follows: Bore x Bore X .7854 x Stroke equals the Cylinder Volume of each cylinder at Bottom Dead Center (bdc) in cubic centimeters. The cylinder head pour volume minus(-) the known volume of the cylinder head plate plus (+) head gasket volume plus (+) 1.00 cc for sealing piston ring plus (+) the cylinder block volume minus(-) the known volume of the block plate equals(=) chamber volume. (Compression ratio = Cylinder Volume plus (+) Chamber Volume)
  11. No repositioning of head on block. Stock location only.
  12. All bolt holes and bores must remain in stock OEM location.
  13. No Angle cutting of Block Deck will be permitted.
  14. Any attempt to alter, change, or eliminate part numbers will result in that part’s ineligibility.

3.3 Valves & Springs

  1. Valve springs of any type may be used, springs must be made of magnetic steel.
  2. Titanium valve spring retainers and keepers are permitted.
  3. Multiple angle valve job must maintain valve centerline and guide angle in OEM stock location in relationship to the head.
  4. No air directional devices on any valve surface.

3.4 Rocker Arms

  1. Only steel or aluminum Roller Rocker arms will be permitted.

3.5 Pistons, Rods, Cams, Crankshaft

  1. Solid Steel connecting rods required, no titanium, aluminum, stainless steel or other material allowed in or on connecting rods.
  2. Only aluminum pistons will be permitted. Valve relief may be cut into piston. Pistons may not exceed engine compression rule.
  3. All pistons must utilize the mandatory three (3) rings only.
  4. No ceramic, plastics or any other materials on or in pistons (aluminum only).
  5. Any magnetic steel roller or flat tappet camshaft will be permitted.
  6. Cam and lifter bores must be in original OEM location.
  7. Only solid steel flat tappet or roller lifters will be permitted.

3.6 Intake Manifolds

  1. Engines using approved 23 degree cylinder heads will be allowed to use any cast aluminum intake manifold. No sheet metal intake manifolds will be allowed.
  2. All other engines must use one of the following approved intakes:
    • GM Part Numbers: 24502481, 24502653 Edelbrock Part Numbers: 2955, 2958, 2995
    • Ford Part Numbers: M-9424-A351, M-9424-X351 or Edelbrock Part Numbers: 2961, 2991
    • Dodge Part Numbers: P4532598, P4532598AB
  3. Porting and polishing of the internal surfaces of the manifold is permitted.
  4. No welding or epoxy fillers allowed.
  5. The intake manifold may not be painted, or coated inside or outside.
  6. Added directional devices inside the manifold will not be permitted.
  7. No added air holes will be permitted in the manifold.
  8. No Spacers between intake manifold and heads.

3.7 Carburetors

  1. All aluminum head engines must use a Holley 4150 HP series PN# 80507 4-barrel carburetor. All Non 23 degree head engines must use a Holley 4150.
  2. Carburetor rework guidelines may be found in the NASCAR WHELEN MODIFIED Rule book. Shangri-La II Track management can provide a copy of these rules to any interested competitor.
  3. Carburetor must pass all Shangri-La II Speedway gauge checks to be eligible for competition.
  4. 23 degree Aluminum head engines may use 1 stock holley 4777 650 cfm only.

3.8 Carburetor Spacer and Gaskets

  1. Only a 1 piece carburetor spacer, maximum 1” (inch) in thickness may be installed between the intake manifold and the carburetor on aluminum headed engines
  2. No alterations allowed to carburetor spacer.
  3. The top (carb side) and the bottom (manifold side) must be parallel, No wedge shape allowed. Port Holes must be vertical top to bottom (90 Degrees). No beveling, tapering, grooving, flaring, or radiusing of port holes. Spacer may not be stepped or undercut.
  4. Port Holes must be the same size and shape at the top and bottom and must pass through the entire spacer adapter with no additional holes or channels that will allow air to enter the engine.
  5. Spacer must position carburetor over original mounting position on intake manifold.
  6. Only 2 paper gaskets (1 per side) with a maximum thickness of 0.065” (inch) will be permitted. Gaskets may be altered to match carburetor base openings.

3.9 Carburetor Jets

  1. Carburetor jets must be the same type as supplied by the carburetor manufacturer.

3.10 Carburetor Air Filter

  1. Round dry type air filter with a diameter of between 12” (inches) to 14” (inches) and between 1 1/2" (inches) to 5” (inches) in height.
  2. Top and bottom of the air cleaner housing must be round and solid with the exception of the carburetor opening.
  3. All air must be filtered through the air cleaner element.
  4. No devices of any kind that will direct or duct air to or from filter.
  5. Filter must be centered on the carburetor.
  6. It will be permissible to shield the front area of the air cleaner up to a maximum of one-half of the air cleaner circumference and no wider than the height of the element.
  7. No performance enhancing additives or chemical on or in air cleaner or anywhere else.