2011 Shangri-La II Truck Series Rules

The Truck series is a entry level  & developmental division.  All trucks will be subject to Technical Inspection at any time during Shangri-La II racing events. Minimum age requirement for drivers is 14 Years of age. Both parents must complete a consent form. Track reserves the right to enforce differing age requirements.

PLEASE NOTE AS OF 5/4/09:  After reviewing the feedback from the racing community, especially from pre-registered and potential entrants, Shangri- La II Motor Speedway has decided to follow the Empire Sport Truck (EST) series rulebook for the entry level class being started at the track in 2011.   The Rules below have been updated to the EST series rules and are also available on the EST Series website at www.empiresporttrucks.com.  Shangri-La II also remains interested in developing a six-cylinder truck class and wants to hear from racers who would support this type of class.

As a result of the these late rule changes, we are offering a FREE Track License and FREE Pit Driver Pit Entry for the season for anyone that is already pre-registered or wants register and race weekly in the 4cyl or 6cyl classes at Shangri-La II.

Standardized trucks conforming to Shangri-La II rules are currently being built by the Speedway. For those wishing to lease a truck for the season or purchase a truck, please contact the speedway for more information.



Truck Requirements

Truck: Any stock 4 cylinder American or foreign made passenger truck 2005 or older. NO DOHC. Four wheel drive vehicles are prohibited.

Body: Must run stock body, no after market bodies allowed. All exterior trim and moldings must be removed.  Roof and roof supports MUST be stock steel. Front fender, quarter panels and hood MUST be stock steel. Cutting on body for tire clearance will be allowed and may remove inner fenders. Truck bed may be covered by aluminum or steel ( inspection door required). The bed must have either a floor or a cover. There are to be no "totally open" beds. Tailgate or "skin" of a tailgate must also be present. May use aftermarket plastic tail piece. May also use sheetmetal in place of tailgate.  Tailgate surface must be solid (no holes in it). Body must match engine manufacturer: Ford-to-Ford, GM-to-GM, Mopar-to-Mopar, etc… Engine and body must match frame.

Rub Rails: Rub rails no bigger than 1 x 2 box tubing or 1-1/2" round must be tight to body from fender well to fender well.

Spoiler: Surface of spoiler must be no more than 5 inches maximum. If a "lip" is at the top of the spoiler, that is considered part of the 5 inches. May not be adjustable.


Doors: All doors must be welded shut.

Bumpers: Stock bumpers; must be stock and can be reinforced. May use tubular steel for rear bumper.

Appearance: Truck must be neat in appearance, body damage must be repaired, and hood must be removable for inspection.

Interior: Interior must be completely gutted. Interior must remain open, no tubbing allowed. All window openings must remain open. All flammable material must be removed. The dash is optional. Must have stock steel floor pan and stock firewall on both sides. No rearview mirrors of any kind are permitted.

Seat: A properly mounted aluminum racing style seat must be used.

Roll Cage: Must have four post design roll cage using 1-1/2 by .095 wall minimum round tubing must be used. The cage must be welded to the frame. The bars must extend at least 2 inches above drivers head and include two bars on the driver’s side. 2 bars on the right side, a bar connecting the front posts immediately above or below the steering column. All bars near the driver must be covered with padding. Must have bars from back of cage to rear of truck.  3 drivers door bars minumin, 2 passenger side door bars minimum.  Entire roll cage must be constructed with ROUND TUBING ONLY and no solid bars.

Belts: A five-point safety harness belt are required and must be fastened to cage or frame. All belts must be dated no more than 4 years old and in good condition. Driver will be given one warning to get belts replaced before the next race. The second warning, the belts must be replaced before the car will be allowed to participate in any further competition activities. The only recognized date will be the manufactured date on the seat belt manufacturer’s tag.

Battery: A "kill battery" switch must be mounted and clearly labeled on the dash of the truck in case of emergency.  Any batteries in drivers compartment must be completely sealed off from driver.

Drive Shaft and Loop: A drive shaft loop is required and must be at least 1/4 x 2 steel or 1/4 chain and should be mounted no more than 6 inches back from front of drive shaft. Drive shaft must be painted white and have the number of truck marked on it.

Fuel Cell and Lines Tank must be securely mounted. Firewall MUST be between fuel tank and drivers compartment. FUEL CELLS ARE REQUIRED. If fuel lines are run through inside of truck cab it must be inside of conduit.

Tow Hooks: Must have tow hooks on front and back, hooks must be easily accessible by tow truck operators.

Windows: Must have 3 bars minimum in front window area in front of driver’s head.  May use original windshield glass, lexan, or screen in windshield area.
Chassis/Frame: Must be a stock full frame.  5" ride height minimum at any point on frame, including front crossmember.  No lowering of body on frame.

Weight: Minimum weight 2650 after race with driver. Weight ballast MUST be painted white and have number of truck painted on them. Added weight or ballast must be securely fastened.

Repairs: May use tubing for reinforcement and repair of original frame. If a section of the stock frame is cut out it must be replaced with a stock piece of frame.

Steering and Front Suspension: Steering must be factory OEM. Racing "quick steer" are permitted. Quick release steering wheel is permitted. All shock absorbers, springs, bushings and locating devices must remain stock OEM and in stock OEM position unless otherwise noted.  May change springs.

Front: Front suspension must be an unaltered OEM and in stock location and must be replaceable by stock parts from same type suspension.   Only one shock per wheel. Stabilizer bars are permitted. No weight jacks allowed.  Ford, and like vehicles may replace I-beam with aftermarket replacement to gain camber.
Rear: Rear suspension must be stock OEM. Stabilizer bar is permitted. No added lift arms or push-bars allowed. No upper torque links or pan-hard bars allowed.  Must use all stock suspension pieces.  May add or remove leaf springs.

Rear End: Any OEM car or truck rear end, no Ford 9", no quick-change devices. No aluminum after market rear-ends allowed. Spools or locking devices are allowed. No limited slip or traction controlled differentials allowed.

Transmission: STOCK AUTOMATICS or 3, 4 or 5 Speed Transmissions ONLY!! No racing transmissions, Brin or Bert's or T.C.I Powerglide automatic's. When the clutch pedal is pushed in the car must not move. When the clutch is left out the car must move. All manual transmission trucks must have a working clutch.

Brakes: Must have 4 wheel brakes and lock up during inspection. Stock type disc brakes may be used but no  racing style calipers or rotors may be used.  May use aluminum calipers ONLY IF THEY CAME STOCK.  Right front shut off allowed allowed.

Tires and Wheels: No agressive mud/snow tires permitted! Maximum 245 series tires.  Must be DOT, HIGHWAY USE TIRE.  Maximum 15"x8" wheels only. Wheels must be mounted with lug nuts. No “knock-off” mounting devices allowed. Over-sized lug-nuts recommended. Racing wheels acceptable.  All wheels must be same offset. Wheels must be STEEL only. No racing tires or recaps permitted. Wheel weights are not permitted. Discovery of wheel weights will result in instant disqualification. No softening of tires.  Grooving and siping not permitted. NO DOT racing tires.  Must have a UTQG rating of 280 or higher.  Any tire found to be out of compliance with any of these rules will be confiscated.  Use of tire softener will result in minimum of 3 week suspension from all EST sanctioned events.   HOOSIER IMCA TIRES WILL BE PERMITTED FOR ANY TOUR RACES, AND ANY TRACKS WHERE THIS TRUCK CLASS IS NEW. SEE NOTE AT BOTTOM FOR EXCEPTIONS.

Engine: Engine MUST be completely stock!  30cc's allowed for wear. Any STOCK, 8-Valve,  4 cylinder engine matching body/frame of truck. (See "Body" rule above.) No rotary engines, superchargers, DOHC, or Turbo’s allowed. The engine must have a working starter and a stock ignition. No MSD style ignition boxes allowed.  All engine parts must match factory specs.  Engine must match make/model of truck.  (IE;  if it is an s-10, engine must have come factory in an s-10, any year acceptable).  No adjustable timing gears.  No performance chips.  May replace mechanical fan with electric fan, or vice-versa.

Alignment: The engine must be in stock location.  No setback, must be centered in engine bay.

Intake: Factory only intakes. Factory fuel injection or throttle body or a Holly 350cfm (unmodified) carburetor.

Fuel: Gasoline fuels only, no alcohol or other fuels allowed.

Fuel Pump: May use mechanical or electronic fuel pump.  If using electronic fuel pump, must use a teather switch or Low-oil cutoff switch.
Headers: May run aftermarket headers..

Condition and Appearance: All trucks must be in good operational condition, presentable in appearance and in general safe condition. All trucks are subject to judgment of the inspection officials. No wings or tunnels of any type permitted under the truck.

Number Appearance: Car numbers shall be 1, 2 or 3 digits, and must be a minimum of 16” high on the car doors and roof or rear deck. Do not use reflective colors. Do not spray paint numbers on.  Drivers are responsible for making sure that the numbers are legible for score keeping. Drivers will maintain ownership of numbers from the previous year. New racers must check with Empire Sport Truck officials for availability of desired number.

Driver Safety: All drivers must wear a one or two piece fire suit that is clean, in good condition, and carry a minimum SFI 3.2.5 rating; Nomex or better underwear is recommended; A full-face helmet with minimum Snell SA2005 rating; Fire resistant gloves with a SFI-1 rating; Neck Brace is REQUIRED, may be replaced by HANS or Hutchins device (highly recommended); Racing shoes are mandatory and must have a SFI-5 or better rating; NOMEX or better socks highly recommended; Must use a SFI-rated window net. Sprint car style SFI-rated arm restraints highly recommended. One (1) 2 lb. fully charged on-board fire extinguisher is required. On-board fire suppression systems are highly recommended; A 2 lb or larger fire extinguisher in your pit area is highly recommended.

Electronics: No 2-way radios or other communication devices are permitted. No “in-cockpit driver controlled” electronic devices of any kind allowed. Also no computer controlled devices of any kind permitted. Factory electronics are permitted.  Must use  one-way radio for track officials to communicate with you.

Passengers: No one shall be allowed to ride on or in the car as a passenger on the track at any time.

Traction Control:

  1. Use of any type of “traction control” is absolutely forbidden in any event. In other words, any device, controlled by mechanical, electrical, and/or computer is considered “traction control". No cockpit or driver controlled ignition timing or fuel delivery devices.
  2. Empire Sport Truck officials may inspect any truck they suspect could be benefitting from the use of traction control devices at any time. Driver/crew of car called to be inspected are expected to cooperate (in a sportsman-like manner) with inspector(s); and may be required to jack up car, remove wheels, panels/covers, and install jack stands to make safe the inspection process. Failure to cooperate with inspectors will be considered an indictment of guilt on the competitors part, and competitor will be found in violation of this rule. No exceptions. No follow up inspection for this violation.
  3. Empire Sport Trucks maintains the right to confiscate any part/s they suspect as traction control from any car, at any time, for as long as it would be necessary to determine if said part(s) is or is not classified as an illegal traction control device. If device is found to be legal, device will be returned as soon as practicable to owner. If part(s) are found to be illegal, said part(s) will be sacrificed to EST.
  4. Any EST competitor (driver) on whose car illegal part(s) were found shall be found in violation of stated rules and will sacrifice any points accumulated to date that season and shall not be eligible for any point fund and/or contingency money/awards possibly due that season.

Misc.-  Casting/ ID Numbers - Any modifications, alterations, covering or removal of any logo, casting, and/or ID number from any stock OEM required part on the race truck will render that part illegal.
-As a general rule of thumb, if a part cannot be found commonly in a junkyard, it is illegal.

Exceptions: These exceptions are only for tracks that already had a truck class, before inception of EST Sanction.
Roll cages:  Any trucks built prior to track inception of EST sanction will be permitted to use roll cages that are bolted in.  All trucks built in the future must have the cage welded to the frame.
Left side weight %:  This is up to the track.
Fuel cells:  There is no EST official fuel cell size.  Tracks reserve the right to set a rule on fuel cell size.
Tires:  Tracks reserve the right to disallow the Hoosier Tire.

*Note- Tracks must grant new competitors a minimum of 1 week to make changes to conform to variations from EST to track rules.  This means if the truck is legal by EST rules, then it is legal for a minimum of 1 week at the track.

Teching of Trucks: Top three places in the feature will be teched by the track officials according to our rules.  Any other truck may also be teched.

Please Note: Any truck that is determined to be unsafe, for any reason, by Track Officials, will not be allowed to participate in any event at that day's event.

Disclaimer: Empire Sport Trucks reserve the right to change and/or alter rules and procedures at any time. Any variation from these rules will be done in the interest of safety and fair competition.

The rules and/or regulations set forth herein do not express or imply warranty of safety, from publication of, or, compliance with these rules and/or regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the Empire Sport Truck events and are in no way a guarantee against injury to participants.

All competitors are regquired to carry factory repair manual for chassis and engine of truck. This will be used to determine legality of OEM parts.

DQ's-  All disqualifications will recieve no points and no money for the night.  If the dq was a result of tech, and it is determined that you were trying to blatantly decieve tech officials, there will also be a loss of 100 points.  Driver's may be suspended for a time period in which the driver will not be allowed to race in ANY EST sanctioned events.  All dq's will be mentioned in press releases. Included will be the driver's name, truck number, and reason for disqualification.  If the disqualification was as a result on driver actions, the driver will get a press release of his/her own.  Know what is in your truck.  If you are caught with illegal parts, you may be suspended for future races.  Ignorance is no excuse.  If you have a question about the legality of something, call Brandon Clapperton at 607-369-2058