2012 Track License:

Only 2 Cars Per Car Owner/Driver Per Division will be allowed.  Each Car Entering the Track must be registered with a Driver.  Back-Up Cars can be registered with an alternate driver but must also be listed as back-up to Feature Car at registration PRIOR to entering the pits.   Cars not registered with a Driver upon entering pits will be disqualified for the night.  Each Driver is required to sign insurance waiver, fill out Car Registration Form and Pay Pit Fees weekly upon entering Pits.  Persons found in the Pits without a proper wristband will be removed from the property for the remainder of the day.

Track License:  2012 Track License Fee: $75.00  Track Licenses are not required for the 2012 Season.  However, persons wishing to purchase a Track License (Driver or Crew) will be eligible for Track License Discount upon entering Pit Gates.  Track Licenses must be present upon entering Pit Gate in order to be eligible for discounted rate.   If you choose to race in more than one division and choose to buy a License, then you must have a License for each division you are racing in.

Standard Pit Gate Fees for 2012 are as follows (does not include Special Events):

Event Type With SL2 License Without SL2 License
Practice Events $15.00 $15.00
Race Events $25.00 $35.00

Persons racing in more than one division will need to pay Gate Fees for Each Division they are racing in.  If you are expecting to get paid out in each division, then you must pay to race in each division.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

Click here to download 2012 Track License application in PDF Format

Click here to download 2012Weekly Car Registration form in PDF Format