General Track Information


The Shangri-La II Speedway Rules are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of Motor Racing and/or Motorsports events and to reduce the always-present risk of injury to both participants and spectators during such events.

A Shangri-La II Speedway racing event is a competitive sports event, which is intended to be conducted and officiated in accordance with the Shangri-La II Speedway Rules. Any affected member should address any complaint he or she might have regarding officiating to the Shangri-La II Speedway Race Director.

It is ultimately the obligation of each participant to insure that their conduct and equipment complies with all applicable Shangri-La II Speedway Rules, as they may be amended from time to time. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of, or compliance with, these rules. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of automobile racing and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators, or others.

The Shangri-La II Speedway Race Director shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from such alteration of specifications. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.


2012 Racing Divisions

Trucks: Competitive entry level developmental division that provides affordable racing for the beginner racer.

Street Stock: Competitive intermediate-level division that provides affordable racing for the serious beginning and intermediate racer.

Late Model: A full bodied premier division providing competitive racing for the serious racer. These cars are all out race cars competing on 10” wide racing slicks and built with a Tubular Chassis, Fiberglass Body, Quick Change Rears and many other specialized parts.

Sport Mod: The Sport Modified Division started out as an affordable open wheeled division based on the Modifieds. It has gone on to become a very popular division across the Northeast. This is a very competitive division for the serious racer and competes on 10” wide racing slicks and also is built with a Tubular Chassis, Aluminum Body, Quick Change Rears and many other specialized parts.

Modified: Open Wheel Modifieds of one kind or another have been around since the late 1930’s and the NASCAR Modified division was formed as part of NASCAR's creation in December 1947. Today's cars are based on tubular chassis built by fabricators such as Troyer Engineering, Chassis Dynamics, Spafco, and Raceworks. Bodies are partial versions of passenger cars, largely fabricated from sheetmetal or Aluminum, A NASCAR Modified is eleven inches shorter in height, over twenty-three inches wider and also weighs almost 1000 lbs less than a Cup car. This results in a very fast, very nimble car that provides exciting racing and truly lives up to the nickname of Groundpounder.

Drivers racing in a premier division will not be allowed to race in the intermediate or entry level classes.   Those in the intermediate division will be allowed to race in the entry level divison for a limited amount of races.  As always this rule will be at the discretion of track officials.


Key Track Personnel

For a current list of Key Track Personnel please consult the Contacts link on the Shangri-La II Website ( Here you will not only find a list of contacts and their phone numbers but also their email addresses.


Track Rental


The Speedway will be available for rental for practice sessions, commercial photography and private gatherings.

Track rental must be during daylight hours, no track lighting will be provided. No race-day track rental.

Please call to schedule rental 24 hours in advance.

Billing starts at scheduled arrival time, no exceptions.

Track personnel must be present. In the event you are unable to make your scheduled practice time, you must call to cancel. “No Shows (without a call) will be automatically billed for 2 hours practice time.

Please call the track for further information or to make reservations. TO RESERVE TRACK TIME CONTACT: Amy Stilson at Shangri-La II Motor Speedway office at (607) 330 -2622 or by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Rental Cost

The cost is $100.00 per hour (no minimum hours). Special Pricing for Shangri-La II Track Licensed Drivers is available at discounted rates as a thank you for support of the track.

Rental Fees do NOT include Fire/Medic personnel or vehicles or wreckers. These services are available through the track at an additional fee.

Track Rental Rules

No more than three teams are allowed to practice at any given time and no more than one car on the track at any time.

Race-night rules apply for track rental. All participants (driver, crew and overcrew) must sign a release form. A minor’s release signed by the parents or guardian is required for anyone under the age of 18.

Shangri-La II strongly advises you to leave children, pets, and anyone not actually working on the racecars at home.
Cars must have all safety equipment, and drivers and teams must adhere to all safety rules outlined in the rulebook for a normal race. This includes but is not limited to driving suit, full-face helmet, racing shoes, socks and gloves. Drivers must fasten harnesses.

Teams must clear track of debris left by car before leaving.


Friday Practice

Practice Schedule

Practice will be 6:00 -9:00 p.m. on Fridays during racing season. Pit gate opens at 5:00 p.m.
Admission Fees Admission is $20 each for drivers and cars, and $5 each for crewmember. Spectators may watch outside the track for $5.00.

Practice Rules

Race-night rules apply for track rental. All participants (driver, crew and overcrew) must sign a release form. A minor’s release signed by the parents or guardian is required for anyone under the age of 18.

Practice order will be set at 6 p.m. Divisions will be skipped if not lined up at start of practice time. A division will be divided if it has more than 15 cars. Each division will be given track time regardless of the number of cars.

Each division will have seven minutes on the track per rotation. Only one division allowed on the track at a time.

Our intention is to complete practice by 9:00 p.m. This policy is designed to give everyone equal practice time safely.



Competitor: A driver, car owner, crew member or other person who is associated with any team who participates competitively in any Shangri-La II Speedway racing event.

Disqualified: The car and any Competitor affiliated with it will be treated as if it did not start the race, thus forfeiting any monies, awards, and championship points it may have otherwise been entitled to.

Driver/Team: Any driver or team that competes in an event at the Speedway.

Event: Any event that takes place at the Shangri-La II Speedway, which includes the designated race as well as all periods of registration, inspections, time trials, qualifying races, practice sessions, post-race inspections and possible related rain or postponed dates.

OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer

Official: Any individual(s) appointed by the Shangri-La II Speedway Management, Promoter or Race Director to officiate as an employee or independent contractor for a race event.

Stock: Stock refers to stock manufacturer’s equipment for the car you are building, Stock refers to parts made by GM, Ford, Chrysler, etc. It does NOT refer to aftermarket speed parts varying from stock dimensions. Stock means a factory ID number must be in place. Stock means original equipment parts for your car.

Traction Control: Traction Control of any type is strictly prohibited. Any team found to be in possession of any traction control device will be disqualified and lose all winnings for that event. The team will also be stripped of all season points and may be banned from competition at the discretion of Shangri-La II Speedway Management.

Shangri-LA II Speedway: Any reference to Shangri-La II Speedway premises, property and/or facilities contained within this document shall be defined to include the premises, property and/or facilities of Skyview Drags as well.





Any part found illegal will be confiscated and become the property of Shangri-La II Speedway.

Any competitor found to have an illegal part will not be allowed to compete in any event until that part is surrendered to the speedway.


License and Registration

1.0 Car Numbers
Numbers to be reserved for the following season are as follows:

  • If a number for a driver/team in a class was not used the year before, it can be reserved on a first come, first served basis.
  • If a new driver/team to the track has a number that was used by a driver/team the year before in that class, the driver/team from the year before would get first choice of that number.
  • If a driver/crew is not new to the track, but wants to change his number in a class to a number in that class that is already being used, the driver/team using the number will have first choice at the number.
  • If a driver/team is moving up from a class to another, but the new class already has that number and the number was run more that 50% of the races the year before, the number will stay with that driver/team and the person moving up will have to select a new number.
  • If the number was not run more than 50% of the races the year before, and the driver/team moving up did run more than 50% of the races in their class, the number will go to the driver/team moving up.

1.1 Lettering and Numbering
Car numbers must be a minimum of 18 inches high and 3 inches wide. Numbers shall be placed in contrasting colors to the car on both doors and roof facing control tower on front stretch. No reflective chrome, gold, or prism numbers allowed.

Teams must also place an additional 6.0” (inch) x 1.0” (inch) decal of their number on uppermost right corner of windshield and on the right rear tail light cover as appropriate for each division.

Top most part of front windshield (minus previously mentioned mandated number decal) must be left open for division contingency decals provided by the Speedway. The decals must remain in position throughout the entire season. Failure to do so may result in a fine being established and posted.

Any signage deemed inappropriate by the track Officials must be removed before car is allowed on the racetrack.

All car numbers must be approved by the Speedway, no letters or three-digit numbers allowed without prior approval.


Track Procedures

2.0 Applicability
The Shangri-La II Speedway Rules section applies to each Shangri-La II Speedway competitor. Some items, obviously, do not apply to each class, you can easily determine which rules do not apply to you (if any). You are expected to know the rules, ignorance will not be tolerated as an excuse.

2.1 Effective Date
The most current version of the Shangri-La II Speedway Rules will be displayed on the website and will be the only official version. The Shangri-La II Speedway Rules are effective upon the date of publication by Shangri-La II Speedway, regardless of when the Competitor receives actual notice.

2.2 Interpretation and Application
If there is a disagreement or dispute regarding the meaning or application of the Shangri-La II Speedway Rules, the interpretation and application by the Shangri-La II Speedway Officials at the track shall prevail.

2.3 Principal Rule of Interpretation and Application
The Shangri-La II Speedway Rules are intended to ensure that Shangri-La II Speedway events are conducted in a manner that is as fair as possible for all Competitors, consistent with prompt finality in competition results. On occasion, circumstances will be presented that are either unforeseen or are otherwise extraordinary, in which strict application of the Shangri-La II Speedway Rules may not achieve this goal. In such rare circumstances, Shangri-La II Speedway Officials, as a practical matter, may make a determination regarding the conduct of the race, the eligibility of a Competitor, or similar matter that is not contemplated by or is inconsistent with the Shangri-La II Speedway Rules, in order to achieve this goal.

2.4 Finality of Interpretation and Application

The interpretation and application of the Shangri-La II Speedway Rules by the Shangri-La II Speedway Officials shall be final and non-appealable.


2.5 Special Rules
Special rules may be made by Shangri-La II Speedway Officials for an event due to extraordinary conditions. Such special rules shall apply to the conduct of that event if they are published or announced prior to the commencement of the event by means of a bulletin, newsletter, telephone fax or pre-race meeting.

2.6 Property
Shangri-La II Speedway and Skyview Drags are private property. Any person on this property without permission of Shangri-La II Speedway owners or management is guilty of trespassing and subject to the penalties prescribed by law. Through your license and registration, you have been given the authority and the right to be on this property, in conjunction with racing activities. However, the Management of Shangri-La II Speedway reserves the right to revoke and cancel this authority at any time that it is felt that your presence or conduct is not in the best interest of the sport of auto racing, your fellow competitors, the fans, management and employees of Shangri-La II Speedway.
Shangri-La II Speedway Track Management reserves the right to refuse entry of any car, driver or pit crew to pit area and/or grandstands.

2.7 Alcohol
No alcoholic beverages will be permitted in the pit area. Anyone using intoxicating beverages before entering into the pit area, or while in the pit area, will be ejected from the pits, suspended, and/or lose of track privileges. No person or persons involved in the racing events shall be under the influence of intoxicating beverages. No participant may buy or drink beer at the concession stand until their division’s racing events are over for the evening. This includes the Grandstand side concession and stands. Anyone caught will have their wrist bands removed on the spot and will not be allowed to re-enter the pit area. These actions may carry a fine and/or suspension.

2.8 Un-Sportsman Like Conduct/Fights
We expect courteous conduct from all participants at all times. Each and every one of you has an image to uphold for the fans and the name of Shangri-La II. We do not tolerate profanity in front of race fans, officials or management.
We will not tolerate Un-Sportsman like conduct, Abusive language, fighting, or physical abuse. Drivers, car owners, pit crew, and spectators must remain in their respective pit area.
Anyone involved in a physical altercation of any kind will be fined and/or suspended. Any driver, crew member, owner, or any person on Speedway property must uphold any and all State and Local Laws, anyone breaking the law will be subject to arrest. (Fighting, D.U.I., Trespassing, etc.)

2.9 Weapons
No weapons of any kind (concealed or otherwise) will be allowed on the property except for working security and law enforcement personnel as necessary.

2.10 Containers
No glass containers allowed in pit area or grandstand.

2.11 Accidents
Any individual involved in an accident while on the racing premises must report that accident to a Shangri-La II Speedway Official before leaving the premises (providing said member is able to make such a report).

2.12 Damage or Loss
Shangri-La II Speedway assumes no responsibility for damage or loss of your equipment, vehicle or any parts by any means whatsoever.

2.13 Injuries
Injuries incurred at the track must be reported to office prior to leaving the track premises. Failure to do so may result in denial of insurance claims.

2.14 Event
Any event is completed when over 50% of the scheduled length has been run by the leader or terminated by the Officials for safety reasons.

2.15 Rain Checks
If rain checks are given to the spectators, all racing events, monies, and points are voided for that entire date.

2.16 Questions
Any questions you may have concerning your division must be dealt with through the Shangri-La II Speedway Race Director or Tech Officials. This includes: rules on your car, racing, scoring, etc.

2.17 Pit Area Access
Pit Area or “Hot Pits” is a restricted area. All persons entering pit area must read and sign all pertinent waivers and releases. No one under the age of 14 will be permitted to enter the pit area at any time, no exceptions. Either a parent or guardian must sign in minors (ages 14 – 18), and sign a release form.

No individual will be allowed in the pit area until he or she has obtained the proper Track Licenses and/or pit passes and has signed all the necessary releases and waivers for each event. Wristbands must be worn at all times with no exceptions.

All wristbands must be visible at all times and are non-transferable. Track Licenses are non-transferable and non-assignable. They may only be used by the person to whom it is assigned. If a licensee intentionally or unintentionally transfers, assigns or otherwise permits another person or entity to use or attempt to use the licensee’s license, then the licensee shall be subject to disciplinary action.

Shangri-La II Speedway reserves the right to accept or reject entry (car owner, mechanic, and/or driver) for any event.

2.18 National Anthem
All participants will please stand at attention during the National Anthem. All cars must be stopped with motor off.

2.19 Race Surface
Every driver should inspect the racing surface and race track area to learn of any defects, obstructions, or anything which, in his opinion, is unsafe and he shall report that condition to the Competition Manager. Any driver entering any racing event is considered to have inspected the track and all conditions are satisfactory to him/her. If not, HE/SHE SHOULD NOT RACE. This further indicates that he/she is aware that auto racing involves risks and he/she assumes these risks with full awareness and knowledge.

2.20 Inspection
All racing vehicles must be inspected and have a technical inspection sticker before they compete. Racing vehicles that race and are found without a sticker will be disqualified for the night. A competitor must take whatever steps are required, including tear down of the car, as requested by a Shangri-La II Speedway Official to facilitate inspection of the car. All cars are subject to inspection by an Official at any time and in any manner determined by the Officials. If a part is deemed illegal, the driver must prove that the infraction has been corrected before he/she will be permitted to participate at any future event. All decisions by the Officials regarding the timing and manner of inspection, as well as which cars will be inspected, are final, non-appealable and non-reviewable. Any competitor refusing to do as asked by a Shangri-La II official will automatically be disqualified for the evening and forfeit all monies and points. Before the competitor resumes competition at the next event, the car must prove legal for the infraction.

2.21 Rookies
All cars driven by rookies must have a yellow stripe on the rear bumper. Rookies may not have another driver qualify a car for them.

2.22 Handicapping
For the first two weeks of the season, a draw system for heats with either a re-draw or invert for feature starting positions will be used. For regular racing events a handicapping system will be used with handicap points awarded according to feature finishing position. A driver’s handicapped position will be based on the most recent three weeks of handicapped points totaled; lowest point will start first and so on. Drivers missing a week will be credited for a win plus 10 handicap points. Handicap points are separate from track points and are used for starting lineup purposes only.

Handicap Point Schedule:

Finish Position    Points
1 1000
2 750
3 500
4 300
5 250
6 210
7 175
8 150
9 120
10 100
11 90
12 80
13 70
14 65
15 60
16 55
17 50
18 45
19 40
20 35
21 30
22 28
23 26
24 24
25 22


2.23 Driver Changes

All driver changes must be reported to an Official prior to the car going to the staging area. Failure to do so may result in disqualification of the car. When a driver change is made, the car must start at the rear of the field. When there is a full field, only a qualified driver can start the race. A driver who did not qualify for the event can not start the race unless they are a bubble car and a qualified entrant does not start the event.

2.24 Reporting Problems to an Official
All drivers and crew must follow chain of command and go to the Pit Steward or Race Director with a problem. Verbal assault on any official that is trying to perform his duty and run a race will cause an immediate black flag to that person’s car and he will be removed from the race. Verbal abuse to an official or any employee of Shangri-La II Speedway will carry a fine and/or suspension from the track.

2.25 Penalties
Penalties for violation of rules may include, but are not limited to, disqualification, suspension of track license, fines and/or loss of points. A suspension may be for the rest of the season or limited to a certain period of time. All fines assessed will be paid into the Shangri-La II Speedway Divisional Point Funds. The driver is responsible for his or her race team members including unpaid fines. Unpaid fines for crew members may be deducted from driver purse or point fund monies. All fines to be paid before DRIVER or CAR can compete again. Unpaid fines will carry over into the next season.

2.26 Car Staging
All drivers must be ready to compete in their scheduled event(s) and in position in the staging area prior to call for the event. Cars not in proper place in line up at time the field is ready to receive the white flag will be remanded to start at the rear of the line-up. During time trial events, cars not in line for their time trial session will start at the rear of the line-up for any subsequent qualifying events.
Teams must start the feature event on the same tires they qualified with. If the teams must take a pre-race tire change, they must do so with approval by Speedway official before change is made. During an event, no teams may undergo any tire change unless the tire is flat. Any team changing any tire that is not flat will receive a two-lap penalty.

2.27 On Track Conduct
Any driver exiting a race vehicle on the racetrack unless directed to do so by a track official or in response to an emergency is subject to disqualification.
No driver may stop his or her car on the track to argue or discuss the race with the starter or Officials. Violation may subject you to disqualification from the event or suspension, or fine according to the decision of the Officials.
Any driver who, in the judgment of the Officials, engages in rough driving…deliberately running into, blocking, or swerving in front of another car…may be subject to a fine and/or suspension. Any racing vehicle intentionally blocking the track will be subject to a fine and/or suspension. (Owner & driver)

2.28 On Track Safety
Any car that loses a wheel has a door, hood, or trunk lid come off or open, or is observed to be dragging any part of compartment, or loose door bars or exhaust protruding in width outward from the vehicle may be black flagged at the discretion of the Officials. A race leader will not be black flagged unless, in the opinion of the Officials, the situation could result in danger to the driver or others.

2.29 Scoring
All events are scored in relation to the lead car. A lap is considered complete when the lead car crosses the Finish line during green flag racing conditions. IN the event of a large accident that alters the running line-up, the Head Scorer can consider the lap incomplete at his/her discretion even if the leader has crossed the finish line, and line the field up according to the last green flag lap completed. Scoring protests must be presented to the Race Director or Head Scorer within ten (10) minutes of the posting of event results. After review of finish, Head Scorers decision will be considered final.

2.30 Tire Rules
Any driver in any division that is caught using any type of tire softening agents, whether it is inside or outside the tire, the driver and/or car owner will be suspended. Any tire declared to be illegal by the Shangri-La II Speedway Officials will be either permanently marked or rendered unusable and returned to the team to dispose of.
Anyone refusing to allow a tire to be inspected and/or tested for any reason will be admitting guilt and face one of the above mentioned penalties. Any tires left on the Shangri-La II Speedway or Skyview Drags property, the driver who left them will be fined $25.00 per tire remaining on the premises.

2.31 Car Weights Pre & Post Competition
All scaling will be performed with driver in sitting position with helmet in lap and hands on the steering wheel.

No weight, object or material of any kind may be added to or removed from car prior to scaling, doing so will result in immediate disqualification from finishing order of event.
Left side maximum weight percentage must be maintained before, during, & after each race event. NO refueling allowed. Post race left side percentage or total weight violation penalty will result in disqualification from finishing order of event.

Wheels and tires can not be changed.

When weighed after competition, NO ALLOWANCES will be made for water, oil, gas, lost or dislodged weight or race wear to verify total weight requirement.

All weights will be taken using the Shangri-La II Scales. These scales will be the only Official method for determining weight.

2.32 Post Race Inspection
Top 3 cars of every race will report to Tech Inspection immediately following each race. Additional cars may be directed to the tech inspection area at the discretion of Tech Inspector. Any team found making changes to car after race and before Tech inspection will be automatically disqualified.

Equipment not conforming to specifications stated herein may be impounded by the track. All cars are subject to inspection by officials at any time.

2.33 Protests
All protests as to finishing positions in any race must be made within 10 minutes after completion of the race.

Only a car driver may lodge a technical protest. To protest, the protesting driver:

  • Vehicle must be running at the finish of the protested event,
  • Driver may only protest a car finishing ahead of their final position in the event,
  • Driver must state, not more than one (1) technical specification they are disputing on not more than one (1) car finishing ahead of them in that race.
  • Driver must be in attendance during tear down of car or protest will be terminated.
  • Anything visible before start of race cannot be protested at end of race.
  • Protest Fee: $300.00, paid by driver requesting protest.

2.34 Protest Procedure
The following procedures must be followed at all times or the protest may disallowed at the discretion of the Race Director/Technical Inspector.

  • Individual lodging protest is subject to a like inspection of equipment of their entry, at the discretion of the Race Director/Technical Inspector.
  • Counter protests will only be allowed in the event of the protested car teardown.
  • Protests of a frivolous nature will not be accepted nor executed and the decision of the officials in charge is final.
  • Additional Protest fees may be indicated in specific division rules, all protest monies must be submitted in cash and will be retained by the track until said protest decision is final.
  • One (1) representative of the protesting car, the driver, and mechanic of the protested car may be present for teardown, unless otherwise directed by the Technical Inspector.
  • No other person may enter the teardown/protest area without permission of Technical Inspector.
  • The race director/promoter reserves the right to retain any part for inspection to clarify the legality of the part and may retain any “illegal” part.
  • A protested vehicle may be impounded for 2 days for inspection.
Track officials will have discretion to modify these rules as need including event night changes. Track officials will determine legality of all components. The officials in charge will act upon any situations not specifically covered by these rules and specifications whether procedural or technical, and their decision will be final.

Flag Rules

3.0 General
Shangri-La II Speedway Officials will use flags, as set forth in this section, for the purpose of providing drivers the necessary information. Shangri-La II Speedway Officials may use light signals in addition to or in lieu of flags, if the drivers are informed of that fact prior to the start of racing activities. If a driver is informed of a decision or event by Shangri-La II Speedway Officials in a manner other than use of flags or light signals, then use of flag or light signal in that situation is not necessary.

The green flag signifies the start or restart of racing conditions. At the beginning of the race, when the green flag is displayed by the starter, cars must maintain position as designated by Shangri-La II Speedway officials until they have crossed the start/finish line, and the No. 2 qualifier must not beat the No. 1 qualifier to the start/finish line. On restarts, racing conditions will resume immediately when the green flag is displayed.

All starts/restarts will be made between the double red line and the single red line in turn four. The first car in the lead lap line shall be in control for restarting the race.

All restarts will be double file until 10 laps to go in the race event. Restarts can be adjusted to single file format at the discretion or the Competition Manager.

On double file restarts there will be no passing until after the start/finish line.

On single file restarts passing will take place only to the right until after the start/finish line.

In the judgment of Shangri-La II Speedway officials, the start and/or restart is jumped, the competitors that are determined to have jumped the start will be moved to the back of the field.

Shangri-La II Speedway officials will signify one (1) lap to go, a lap before the green flag will again be displayed. After the white flag waves before the green flag there will be no weaving/cleaning or warming of the tires permitted.

The yellow flag signifies a caution period. The yellow flag will be displayed and the caution (yellow) lights illuminated immediately following any cause for the caution period. When the yellow flag is displayed, all cars must reduce their speed to a caution pace, maintain their respective track position and form a single file line behind the leader and /or pace vehicle.

The track position of each car will be determined when the caution period begins, and NO PASSING WILL BE PERMITTED, unless directed by Shangri-La II Speedway Officials. Cars must maintain a reasonable speed considering the conditions that exist on the track. Determination of a reasonable speed is a judgment call and will be made by Shangri-La II Speedway officials.



Competitors will not be permitted to stop anywhere on the racing surface to talk to Shangri-La II Speedway Officials. Competitors will be listening to race command for directions during caution periods.

DEFINITION OF BEING INVOLVED: spinning out, making contact, not proceeding IMMEDIATELY back to the start/finish line, will mean the racing vehicle was involved. Shangri-La II Speedway Officials will determine if a racing vehicle has been involved in the caution.

Line-ups after a caution flag will be determined by reverting back to the last completed green flag lap.

Racing vehicles that cause three cautions in a race event will be told by Shangri-La II Speedway officials to report to the pit area for the remainder of the race event.

Racing vehicles returning to the race track from the pit area while the yellow flag is out will be lined up at the tail end of the field.

Cars may not pass the caution vehicle unless directed to do so by race command. Any cars illegally passing the caution vehicle or race leader will be black flagged.

Any competitor driver considered to be causing a caution by deliberately stopping or causing excessive delays in a race is subject to disciplinary action and/or disqualification at the Race Director’s discretion.

Racing vehicles may leave the race track to make light repairs; you will receive a courtesy lap to make appropriate repairs. If the leader has received the green flag, the Shangri-La II Speedway officials will determine when you may rejoin the race in a safe and controlled manner.

Crew members shall not go on the race track for any reason while the cars are racing or while they are running under the yellow flag.

Crew members must not service or repair any wrecked or damaged car until the car has been removed from the race track.

THE RED FLAG SIGNIFIES THAT THE PRACTICE OR RACE MUST BE STOPPED IMMEDIATELY REGARDLESS OF THE POSITION OF THE CARS ON THE TRACK. This flag shall be used if, in the opinion of Shangri-La 2 Speedway officials, the practice or race should be stopped. Cars should be brought to a stop as quickly and safely as possible. During a red flag situation, cars must not move on the speedway unless directed by a track official, or until such time as the track is returned to yellow, caution condition. Drivers may not pit during a red flag unless directed into the pit area by a track official. Failure to follow red flag rules could result in disqualification.

In the event of a postponement in a race due to rain where the cars are pulled off the track into the staging area, NO ONE IS TO TOUCH THE CARS until the race is officially called.

If a racing vehicle is worked on, the racing vehicle will be lined up at the tail end of the field or if the race does not resume, they will be scored in the last place in line with the amount of laps they have completed in the event.

When the passing flag is shown, it means the leaders are coming up on you and will be putting you a lap down. In this case, all drivers given the passing flag should move to the bottom of the race track and hold a good, safe speed until the lead cars pass, then they can resume racing.

The black flag is a consultation flag and indicates that a driver must go to the infield designated spot for consultation with a race official or a stop and go penalty. (This area may change in the case where there is a special event.)

Any driver who fails to heed the black flag for more than two laps will have score card pulled and may face fines and/or suspension.

Drivers will be given one free pass to the back of the pack on your first black flag. If you receive a second black flag you will be asked by radio to report to the pit area.

Rough driving will not be tolerated. A competitor, that in the Race Director’s judgment, is driving rough or because they were driving rough that caused another competitor to be involved in a caution will be sent to the tail of the field.

When the White Flag is shown it means the leader has started his final lap of the race event. All races will end under green/white/checkered finishes.

When the checkered flag is displayed, it means the race event has been completed. When the checkered flag is given to the leader, the balance of the field receives the checkered flag in the same lap. Finishing positions will be paid off according to most laps completed in the least time, whether the car is running or not. The driver receiving the checkered flag first in any feature race must bring his or her racing vehicle to the starting line or designated area and remain there until released by a Shangri-La II Speedway Official. The driver or person designated on entry form to receive W-4 1099 form are the only ones eligible to RECEIVE prize money. You are expected to compete in all events you are eligible to race in.

There may be a Green-White-Checkered Finish this consists of consecutive laps, one lap once the green flag is displayed, the next lap the white flag will be displayed and the final lap when the checkered flag will be displayed signifying the end of the race.

If the leader has received the white flag and the yellow is displayed -The race will not be restarted. In this circumstance maintain a reasonable speed and hold your position. Shangri-La II Speedway officials will determine reasonable speed. Please show consideration for your fellow competitors.


Official Point System

4.0 Registration:
Points will be allocated to the registered car driver. If the owner is different than the driver, then the owner is responsible for registering with Shangri-La II Speedway.
Registration information must include owner’s name, address, social security #, car #, as well as the same information for the primary and secondary drivers. Without this information prior to racing, the registered driver will assume the responsibility as owner and be named on Miscellaneous Income 1099 tax form.

Only 2 Cars Per Car Owner/Driver Per Division will be allowed.  Each Car Entering the Track must be registered with a Driver.  Back-Up Cars can be registered with an alternate driver but must also be listed as back-up to Feature Car at registration PRIOR to entering the pits.   Cars not registered with a Driver prior to entering pits will be disqualified for the night. 

4.1 Point Allocation:
Points will be awarded to registered drivers in accordance with point schedule. All points are calculated according to official payoff data. The track will audit points and post official standings periodically during point season. Track audited points are official and final.

Any point fund will be paid according to official payoff records (registered owner filing social security number and/or tax identification number) only. No points will be awarded for a disqualification.

Drivers will be responsible for informing track officials about driver changes in any division prior to that particular feature event. Points are awarded to the driver of record starting the race. If a driver different from the one qualifying or entering a car is substituted for an event, the car must start at the tail.

In all cases of season ending ties, ties will be broken by using the greatest number of 1st events counting toward that position and if a tie still exists, 2nds, 3rds, etc. will be considered until the tie is broken. During the season, ties will be broken by preference to driver first holding position.

4.2 Driver Substitution:
In order to be eligible for year-end point’s awards, a driver must obtain a Shangri-La II Track License and compete in more than ½ of the completed scheduled points events for that season. All track points are awarded to the driver, regardless of what car is driven.

If a driver’s registered car is able to start their scheduled heat race, but is unable to compete in the feature event due to a wreck or mechanical failure, the driver, if qualified for the feature event, can race another car. The car change must be reported to track officials prior to the cars staging for the race, and the driver must start at the tail end of the line up.

If a qualified driver is unable to compete in the feature event due to personal injury prior to the feature line up going out on the track, the Race Director will make a decision on the eligibility of that vehicle to be piloted by a different driver for that remaining event. If the vehicle, driver or team is fully disqualified prior to the feature event, a substitute will not be accepted during the duration of the suspension.

In the event of a driver change during a feature event, the finishing position and corresponding track and handicap points will be awarded to the driver who started the race in that car.

4.3 Handicap:
All Shangri-La II weekly division races line up according to the last three weeks accumulated handicap points. Heat races will be lined up with lowest three week totals starting first.
Disqualified drivers will not receive track points for the event that the infraction occurred, but will be penalized with handicap points equal to a feature win plus 10 (210).  See also Handicap Points schedule in section 4.6 Feature Qualification.

4.4 Starting Position:
Handicap of driver is the cumulative handicap points in his/her last three (3) weeks of feature competition. Driver may compete in only one heat, if driver enters a second car in another heat, the first car’s finish will be disqualified and driver must take resulting finish of last car raced. Driver must drive last car qualified if operational.

4.5 Three Week Point Average Rule:
All cars qualified will be lined up for the feature event according to the three week cumulative handicap points (Shangri-La II weekly divisions only).

4.6 Feature Qualification:
A predetermined number of cars qualify through the heats for the feature. Drivers not qualified will start scratch or qualify through consolation race if necessary. The number of cars qualifying will be determined by the size of the field and number of heats. The balance of the field will be lined up straight according to handicap with non-qualifiers to the rear in order of heat finish position.

Track Points Schedule:

Finish Position Feature Points Heat Points Handicap Points
1 60 5 1000
2 56 4 750
3 52 3 500
4 50 2 300
5 48 1 250
6 46 210
7 44 175
8 42 150
9 40 120
10 38 100
11 36 90
12 34 80
13 32 70
14 30 65
15 29 65
16 28 60
17 27 55
18 26 50
19 25 45
20 24 40
21 23 35
22 22 30
23 21 28
24 20 26
25 19 24
26 18 22
27 17 20
28 16 18
29 15 16
30 15 14

All cars starting the feature will receive a minimum of 15 points. Start of Feature is considered to be a running car in Lineup and Ready for Start of Race and must be on track and ready to take green flag.   Car must run 50% of feature race to qualify for points and payout unless car is damaged due to wrek or suffers mechanical failure. Mechanical Failure will be at the discretion of track officials.  One week grace may be allowed per track officials.  Cars determined to be "Start and Park" by Track Officials will be disqualified.

4.7 Ineligibility:
A driver who fails to compete in 2 consecutive weekends of racing will start scratch in heat races. No car may be able to compete in two different divisions within the same scheduled event.

4.8 Point Money:
Year End Awards - Drivers must compete in one half of the scheduled events and must have a Season Track License to be eligible for point fund and finishing year end trophies. All point money payable to driver unless written assignment to owner. You must be present at the banquet to receive your awards unless arrangements are made in advance. The top five (5) in points entering the season championship will be guaranteed starters.

4.9 Mid Season and Season Points:
Races are double point or extra points. New drivers and teams are eligible to compete in all championship races if there is less than 24 point racing teams qualified and if the technical official finds them to be within the SHANGRI-LA II rule parameters. The final and mid-season championship line up will be based on the three week average.